The STORM Team is an elite group of role models that represent our school. They participate in “hands-on” leadership training in classes, birthday parties, summer camps, and special events. They essentially are the ones who set the example!

Students that meet the criteria can enroll in the leadership program. These students participate in meetings, when held, in which we cover a variety of leadership topics. After they’ve attended three meetings, they have the opportunity of joining the leadership team to gain hands-on training in the skills they’ve learned in the meetings after receiving an invitation from Grand Master Mattocks.

Some of the criteria for STORM Team membership:

  1. Exhibit Leadership at Home, School, and at Daochang
  2. Strict adherence to Daochang etiquette
  3. Motivation to teach and improve our students
  4. Courtesy and excellence as role models
  5. Maintain a positive and winning attitude

STORM Team Members

  • GM MATTOCKS Owner - Master Instructor Grand Master Mattocks holds Black Belts in multiple styles. He is trained in armed self-defense, street tactics, and holds a World Champion Title AKKK. Head of the Board of Directors for United Kempo Karate Systems, formerly American Kempo Kombat Karate, and oversees the testing of Black Belts at several Associate Schools on the east coast and midwest. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
  • ALEX MATTOCKS Master Instructor Alex is employed at Anthem. He enjoys martial arts and basketball. He is currently an Instructor and holds the rank of 4th. Degree Black Belt. He received his BA in Management from Saint Leo University. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
  • MICHAEL TOWNSEND Senior Instructor Mr. Townsend holds a Black Belt in Jujitsu and is our Jujitsu and MMA Instructor. He also is a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kombatives. In his spare time, he is a professional fighter. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
  • NATHAN BYRER Assistant Instructor Nathan is currently a Green Belt in United Kempo Karate and is actively working toward a Black Belt in the Masters Club at UKKS. He has been an Assistant Instructor with UKKS for a little over three years. He currently coordinates all school competitions and serves as the school's technology support. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
  • COLETTE BYRER Instructor Ms. Byrer is a 1st Degree Black Belt in our system. She is the Instructor for our XMA classes and was instrumental in forming Team Tsunami, our XMA competition team. She is one of our National Champions for 2012, 2013, and 2014. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
  • MICHAEL BYRER Instructor Michael is fast becoming a great martial artist. He is a member of Team Tsunami and trains very hard. Mr. Michael is a 1st. Degree Black Belt and is very active in the martial arts and loves music. He is a National Champion for his division in AKA for 2012, 2013, and 2014. One of his biggest hobbies is knives and swords, and has quite a collection. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
  • TERRY DAVIS Instructor Mr. Terry is our Kickboxing, Kumite, Instructor and assists greatly in our Kombatives Classes. He holds a Black Belt in both of these Classes. Mr. Terry is a Champion Fighter and has recorded multiple wins under his belt. Facebook Twitter Linkedin

  • MAINOR MARTINEZ Assistant Instructor Mr. Mainor is an honor student and sets a great example wherever he is. He has patience with others and exudes the "wanting to learn attitude" to others. He serves as Co-Captain of our Sparring Team. We are fortunate to have him. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
  • SCOTTY GORBETT Assistant Instructor Mr. Scotty is an honor student and sets a great example. He plans to enter the military when he finishes school. Scotty does his best to make learning fun. Facebook Twitter Linkedin

  • KERRY LAPREES Mr. Kerry sets a great example for both adults and younger students. He is very active, works hard in class, and is always willing to help. You are a good addition to the STORM Team. Facebook Twitter Linkedin

  • KADIE PEREIRA Jr. Assistant Instructor Ms. Kadie is always willing to help others. She is our Co-Captain for the Sparring Team and in her spare time she loves to craft and play the flute. Facebook Twitter Linkedin

  • JOHNSON FILLMORE Jr. Assistant Instructor Mr. Johnson is an Honor Roll student and takes his training in Karate seriously. He is always willing to help and strives to do his best. Facebook Twitter Linkedin