Instructing is a privilege at United Kempo Karate Schools.  It is our theory that you've never really mastered a task until you've taught it to someone else.  Our instructors have honed their skills to the point where they have been invited to teach others what they have learned.  Each instructor brings their own unique abilities to the mat.  At UKKS, students will find a diversity of instructors in the way that they teach.  

We take the training of our Instructors very seriously at United Kempo Karate Schools. Each prospective instructor must pass a thorough background check.  Instructors must be willing to attend training that teaches them the different methods by which people learn and how to recognize different learning styles.  Before Instructors are invited to train others, they are observed in their everyday lives. They must be able to set a proper example and lead students in a proper manner.

Before instructor training begins, prospective instructors must sign the Instructor Code of Ethics. They will be held to these ideals by Grand Master Mattocks.  All instructors start as an Instructor Trainee and move through a series of instructor levels, commensurate with experience.  With each level, an instructor takes on more responsibility and has the ability to teach higher ranks.  There are five ranks in all ranging from Instructor Trainee to Master Instructor.  

If any student would like to express an interest in someday becoming an instructor, please see Grand Master Mattocks.

Instructor Code of Ethics

As an Instructor, I agree to…..

  1. Conduct myself in a positive manner, to set a good example at all times, and to strive to be the best at all I do both in and out of the school.
  2. Be confident in my teaching abilities and forms.
  3. Put forth the effort in my practice, teaching, and strive to learn the most I can with the same amount of effort I would expect from my Instructors.
  4. Remember that it is my responsibility to communicate with both my students, and my Instructor at all times.  If I am in need of missing my assigned class, I will call at least 24 hours in advance and make every attempt to find a replacement to teach my class.
  5. Present myself in appearance in the same manner I expect my students.  My Gi will be clean and neat at all times and I will conduct a regular Gi Inspection in my classes.
  6. Carry out the tenets of Karate to include:
    1. Courtesy
    2. Integrity
    3. Self-control
    4. Perseverance
    5. Indomitable Spirit.....and more

If applicable, I further agree that my grades must remain above a “C” average at all times.  If my grades should start to be a problem, I will notify Grand Master immediately.

I will take this responsibility as a job.  This means I will be responsible for arranging my schedule so I can be at my scheduled classes as needed.  I also agree to assist other Instructors if they need me to help cover a class when needed.